Week 3, Monday

April 6, 2009 at 6:31 pm (Ruby, Week 3) (, , )

Yuck. A cold going around the office finally got to me over the weekend, and I’m still way under full speed in my cognitive capacity. Hopefully I can kick it in the next day or so, because I was pretty useless today.

Eric and I had our second iteration meeting with Micah for our Rails project, and that went pretty well, aside from one bug that got uncovered at the meeting. We made a lot of progress this past week and actually hit our estimates, which we were both happy about. We got a new set of stories estimated and assigned for this iteration, and we wrote a decent amount of code today, finishing one small story and getting most of the way through another.

Mocks and stubs still slow me down when reading code, but I’m getting faster at comprehending them and seeing when they’ll be necessary. My biggest challenge, though, is figuring out what to test next. It’s relatively easy to write tests in Cucumber, because those scenarios basically line up with what the user would do in the browser, but RSpec is so much more granular that I sometimes get overwhelmed and have to really spell out for myself what it is that I’m trying to do.

OK, this’ll have to do for tonight, because I need to get well and be at 100% mentally! The big takeaway for me from today was more experience with RSpec and TDD – the more I see it and do it, the easier it’ll get.


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